Procedures for treating


Are you seeing the damage of the sun and your natural aging process?  Halo is customized for each individual patient in 1 to 2 treatments, eliminating and improving your tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and damage. Restoring the beautiful appearance of youthful skin. It also can be preventative and eliminate free radical damage that can result over time into a precancerous state.

Your treatment is customized for your individual concerns, in as little as 1 treatment, allowing you to be right back to your daily activities, with makeup application the very next day.

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Our experienced licensed Aestheticians can customize a skin peel regime for our patients and their individual needs. Whether you are suffering from Acne, Aging damaged skin, hyperpigmentation.  Or want to keep your skin healthy, this procedure requires little to no downtime allowing you to be back to your busy schedule.

The peel procedure is accompanied by specific skin care regime to maintain the change that has been created by the peel procedure. ZO Medical, Obagi, Avene/glytone, epionce Medical Peels, and products are used to maintain heathy youthful skin.

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Are you looking for a technology that can slow down the aging process. Forever Young BBL. This unique light therapy targets the signs of aging and sun damage, resulting in a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. A groundbreaking study on Broad Band Light from Stanford University reveals that this innovative treatment restores the gene expression of human aged skin to resemble much younger skin. Science shows the Forever Young BBL functionally delays skin aging. This procedure can be used not only for the face, neck and chest, but arms and hands also.

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The most advanced laser technology available to effectively remove tattoos. Effective in treating old, previously treated, black and the hard to treat multi colored tattoos. The PICOSURE 532 (bright difficult colors) is currently EXCLUSIVELY performed in Columbus at GRANDVIEW AESTHETIC CENTER. The groundbreaking picosecond technology can begin breaking up pigment in the very first treatment. In as few as 3 to 6 treatments you will see visible signs gone with no scarring or residual imaging. Fewer treatments, faster recovery and greater results! All skin types and colors can be treated.

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